Rabbi Lustig Delivers Parting Speech

Rabbi Hershel Lustig, dedicated principal of Oholei Torah for over four decades, shared parting words at an end of year teacher’s brunch this week.

As the school year came to a close, the teachers of Oholei Torah were surprised with a delicious appreciation brunch. Rebbeim of all different grades sat together for the meal in the main dining hall. As they ate, they reflected on the past year, and exchanged best wishes for the coming summer months.

One rebbe noted that the atmosphere during the event was very warm and family oriented. It dawned on him that with so much of the day being spent together on campus, the staff and faculty of Oholei Torah are truly like a family.

During the brunch, special thanks and recognition were given to Rabbi Hershel Lustig, who has served as principal for over 40 years. During the brunch, Rabbi Lustig took the opportunity to share words of farewell with the staff he has faithfully led during his time in Oholei Torah. Though he is retiring from his full time position, he will still make himself available to support and guide the menchanchim.

The Morahs were also treated to a brunch of their own, served in the Executive Boardroom.

The teachers’ appreciation brunch was sponsored by Rabbi Shloimy and Mirele Greenwald, Oholei Torah parents whose constant support for the yeshiva and its devoted staff has been legendary.

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