Rabbi Cunin Launches Pan to Demand the Geulah

Head shliach of California Rabbi Shlomo Cunin, along with California Rabbonim, requested that all shluchim sign a Pan demanding the Geulah, that will be brought to the Ohel today, 28 Nissan.

By Anash.org reporter

Thirty years have passed…how much can we handle?

Head Shliach to California Rabbi Shlomo Cunin launched a Pan demanding the geulah to be signed by all shluchim and read by the Ohel on Wednesday, 28 Nissan.

The Pan, signed by Rabbi Cunin, Harav Ezra Schochet, Rosh Yeshiva of YOEC, and California Rabbonim Harav Shimon Raichik and Harav Yosef Shusterman was written to mark the start of thirty years since the Rebbe demanded that we each do our part to bring the Geulah.

“The Rebbe’s shluchim from around the world, standing at the front lines, unite on the day of the Rebbe’s cry to demand and cry out Ad Mosai?!” the Pan reads.

“Almost thirty years have passed since that day,” they wrote, “how long must we suffer from the current epidemic, and from the great darkness of Golus?”

The Pan was sent out to shluchim worldwide by email, and they were requested to add their signatures to the impassioned plea for the ultimate Geulah. The signed Pan will be brought to the Ohel on Wednesday, the very day the Rebbe said the Sicha 29 years ago.

“We want Moshiach now! We want to see the Rebbe again, a neshama in a physical body, down here, and he will lead us to Eretz Yisroel, to the third Beis Hamikdosh, speedily now!” the Pan concludes.

To Sign the Pan: https://tinyurl.com/y9jrsnpq

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