Rabbi Arele Oster Comes Home

Rabbi Arele Oster – Aharon ben Chana – has finally come home after two long years. Listen to an emotional voice note by his father-in-law Rabbi Aaron Dovid Gancz.

By Anash.org reporter

After two long years, Rabbi Arele Oster, Aharon ben Chana, has finally been brought home. The move was made after his nursing home was placed on lock down due to the coronavirus, and the family decided to bring him home and start the next stage of therapy.

“Just like the days of Yetzias Mitzrayim, we are seeing miracles!” said Rabbi Aaron Dovid Gancz in a voice note sent to Anash.org, “It started two years ago Erev Pesach, and baruch Hashem, now we daven for the complete refuah shleima and the complete geulah.”

Rabbi Gancz said that Arele is now at an undisclosed location, as visitors can not be coming at this time, no matter how much they expectedly want to.

“Thank you for all your tefillos up until now,” Rabbi Gancz said. “Please keep up the tefillos for a complete refuah and that the therapy and the next stages should work.”

Audio: Emotional voice note by Rabbi Aaron Dovid Gancz

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