Queens Moshiach and Geula Chidon

For the past two months, the bochurim in Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch Queens spent their spare time studying topics in Inyonei Geulah U’Moshiach in-depth, from a curriculum created specifically for the yeshivah by Rabbi Shammai Eidelman, maggid shiur.

The bochurim studied with tremendous dedication and devotion, amassing much knowledge on various general topics, including the long-awaited “Seudas HaLivyasan”, the lifestyle of the Yidden in the times of Moshiach, the implication of various well-known prophecies about Moshiach, and much more. This year the mivtza reached a peak. “We were amazed by the bekiusof the bochurim,” remarked Rabbi Mendel Scharf, menahel of the yeshiva. “This was just such a tremendous accomplishment.”

There were three tests, followed by a final exam to determine the Chidon finalists. The 12 bochurim who received the highest mark on the final competed a week later in a public Chidon with parents and friends in attendance, where they proved themselves to know by heart – inside out – all the material that they learned.

It was not easy to determine the final champion. After hours of testing, the judges were finally able to narrow it down to two final contenders. They fought it out for three full rounds, until the judges at last crowned Yanky Rodal as the winner.

The winner received a dollar from the Rebbe, the two runner-ups received gift certificates to seforim stores of their choice, and all 12 finalists received an additional monetary reward along with a beautiful newly-published sefer on Hilchos Pesach.

In addition, all those who received an average of 90% on all three tests entered two raffles on valuable sets of Seforim, and those with an 80% average will be participating in a trip which will be taking place IY”H right after Pesach.

The following is a list of the winners and their prizes:

First place winner: Yanky Rodal – a dollar from the Rebbe

Second place winner: Shmuli Braun – $200 gift certificate to a Seforim store

Third place winner: Zalmy Engel – $125 gift certificate to a seforim store

Finalists (in alphabetical order):

Levi Bruchstat, Sholom Ber Baumgarten, Yisroel Cohen, Yossi Hendel, Berke Hendel, Tzemach Hendel, Zalman Liberow, Sholom Ber Turk, Mendy Vaknin

The winners of the two raffles for all who received a 90% average on the general tests:

Yanky Rodal – set of Mishneh Torah – Rambam La’am

Dovber Scharf – set of Peninei HaTanya.

Many thanks to the shluchim who arranged the mivtza – Memkeh Schmukler, Mendel Spiero, Mendel Labkowski, and Shmuly Gordon.

Photos by Ari Mishulovin and Mendel Rosen

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