Putting Teachers on a Path to Financial Security

by The Merkos Chinuch Office

Financial Planning & Stable Welfare of Chabad Teachers

How do mechanchim get by financially? Mechanchim are not compensated for their worth, they are paid in accordance with a pay-scale which mosdos can afford and its always tight.

A new organization called Mesila has made it their mission, among other things, to help mechanchim manage their finances to their best advantage. A Mesila representative, Rabbi Eli Prero will address participants at the Kinus haMechanchim.

Teaching & Administration

Rabbi Yitzchok Newman will present on the second day of the kinus. Rabbi Newman is the dean of Hebrew Academy of Huntington Beach, CA and has served as its ruach hachayim for more than 40 years.

Rabbi Newman’s wealth of experience includes teaching and administration. He will address one of the themes of the kinus: the issue of harnessing and developing all the talents of our students. His address is sure to be interesting to both veterans and novices.

Guest Farbrengen

Rabbi Nachman Twersky, the famed magid shiur of Mesivta Oholei Torah will farbreng after the first day’s program at the kinus.

Rabbi Twersky is also rav and mashpia in his shul on Empire Blvd. Over his many years as a mechanech, he has exhibited his uncanny ability to help talmidim of differing abilities to enjoy the learning process.

His mesmerizing charisma is sure to inspire the participants.

Organized by the Merkos Chinch Office,  the kinus will be held Monday and Tuesday, 5-6 Tammuz, July 8th and 9th At the Towne Plaza hotel in Danbury CT.

The kinus deals with a wide array of chinuch issues and the welfare of mechanchim is a major issue as well. The health of mechanchim, their personal professional growth, their skill as communicators are all topics which are on the program.

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