Chabad of Israel to Hold Purim Mivtzoim Despite Coronavirus

How can one under isolation this Prim fulfill the mitzvos of megilla and mishloach manos? Tzeirei Agudas Chabad of Israel has issued several guidelines and potential solutions.

By reporter

With Purim almost upon us, how can Jews under quarantine fulfill all four mitzvos of Purim, specifically, hearing the megilla and giving mishloach manos?

Against the backdrop of the ever-spreading Coronavirus, Tzeirei Agudas Chabad of Israel, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, has issued guidelines for shluchim, anash and temimim across the country.

The letter, authored by Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak Aharonov, emphasizes the importance of preventing further spreading of the virus as part of the mitzvah to guard one’s health.

In addition to following instructions from the Ministry of Health, states the advisory, every effort must be made to bring joy to each individual.

Those requiring home isolation may not leave even for a short period, to go hear the megilla. As they should not gather with others who are also under isolation, group readings are not an option.

The megilla may be read for those are asymptomatic (without fever, cough, difficulty breathing or a sore throat) and whose cases have not been confirmed as positive. The baal koreh should not enter the house; rather, he should read outside in the yard in a tone loud enough for those inside to hear. For those in apartment buildings, the reader should stand in the stairwell, in which case the isolated person must be at least two meters away from the door of the apartment.

How to deliver mishloach manos to someone under quarantine if packages may not be delivered person to person, homes of those under isolation should not be entered and a distance of two feet between persons must be maintained? Mishloach manos should simply be placed near the door of the house.

A person under quarantine is also required to fulfill the mitzvah, man to man and woman to woman. If one is not with another person to whom to give mishloach manos, he should use a courier service.

Rabbi Aharonov concludes his letter: “Despite the restrictions, which are important to follow in order to maintain public health, activity on Purim will surely be in the form of ‘ad delo yada‘… and we will bring the mitzvos of Purim to every Jew, the way the Rebbe wants.”

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