Public Menorah Lightings Down the Block

Who says public menorah lightings are only for outside the shechuna?

The Lincoln Place Shul and Beis Medrash is inviting the community to public menorah lightings within Crown Heights. Each event is full on with music, 12 pesukim, donuts and prizes!

Tonight’s menorah lighting took place at Leviim Jewish Art Gallery on Kingston Avenue.

Monday’s lighting will be outside the home of the Kamhaji Family, 1242 Prospect Place (corner of Troy.)

Tuesday’s event will be at Lincoln Place Shul, with latkes, canvas painting and more! 1185 Lincoln Place (corner of Troy.)

Wednesday’s will be lit at the Nejars’ at 1225 St John’s Place (between Albany and Troy.)

The Perlsteins will host Thursday’s lighting at 1301 Sterlin Place (between Troy and Schenechtady.)

Zos Chanuka, Sunday, will be at Chocolatte Coffee Shop 792 Eastern Parkway.

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