Prominent Shluchim Endorse

Four months after its establishment, a group of respected shluchim has published a letter endorsing

Dear Shluchim and Anash שיחיו,

We extend our congratulations to on the launching of a new website to service the internal Lubavitch community of Shluchim and Anash. In our opinion, the policies that have been outlined for the new site are consistent with the guidelines proposed by the Rabbonim in their letters.

We wish all those involved in this effort much hatzlacha in their endeavors and may they merit to be מקדש שם ליובאוויטש.


Rabbi Yisroel Deren, Head Shliach of Western and Southern New England

Rabbi Moshe Feller, Head Shliach of Minnesota and Merkos board member

Rabbi Zalman Aron Grossbaum, Head Shliach of Ontario and Merkos board member

Rabbi Nosson Gurary, Head Shliach of Upstate New York

Rabbi Nochum Kaplan, Director of the Merkos Chinuch Office and Vaad Rabbonei Lubavitch

Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, Head Shliach of Maryland and Merkos board member

Rabbi Sholom Ber Mochkin, Head Shliach of Quebec, Canada

Rabbi Nechemia Vogel, Shliach of Rochester, New York and Merkos board member

Rabbi Sholom Ber Wineberg, Head Shliach of Kansas

Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf, Director of Cheder Chabad, Chicago, Illinois

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