Principals: Filter Your Devices

With classes starting online, Crown Heights principals warn of the dangers of unfiltered usage and urge parents to take steps to protect their children.

By staff

The following letter was released by principals of Crown heights schools:

Dear Parents שיחיו,

As we conclude חודש ניסן,  the month that permeates each of us with the רוח של גאולה, we are now faced with the responsibility to apply this unique כוחות in our daily lives. We would like to bring to your attention an area of deep concern that we, as מחנכים and parents, must address.

It is incumbent on parents and everyone involved in chinuch to be fully aware, at all times, where our children are and what they are doing.  In our new reality, when our children are no longer in school,  almost the entire time is being spent at home.  Children are by nature always looking for action.  Now that a good part of their day is spent online their exposure to the virtual world has increased immensely.  On the one hand, we have to be thankful that there is now a medium whereby Chinuch can still continue.  On the other hand, a tool has been provided for them that can be extremely harmful.  We need not elaborate on the great dangers of the internet. Already we are hearing stories of boys and girls that are on computers without filters that are falling prey to the deepest level of evil.   It is extremely difficult and almost impossible to undo the damage of free internet exposure.

We want to bring to your attention the great responsibility to place proper filters on each and every device that is put in the hands of your child. An unfiltered device can wreak havoc in your child’s upbringing.  Damage that unfortunately can destroy the child for life. 

It is important to sit down with your child(en) and explain to them that our use of the internet at this time is based on emergency measures that are being taken due to our circumstances. However, this does not mean that we promote the free use of the internet.

אין הקב”ה בא בטרוניא עם בריותיו we most certainly are being provided with the kochos necessary to overcome this challenge and to instill our children the proper approach to the technology in our midst.  We must use this opportunity to properly guide our most precious possessions – our children.

We are confident that you will take our plea to heart and assure a סביבה  in your home that will assure a true chasidishe chinuch for each and everyone of your children.

May we all be zoche to say ראו גידולים שגידלנו   and merit to see how the Rebbe brings us to the בית המקדש השלישי בקרוב ממש    !!

Rabbi Hershel Lustig – Oholei Menachem

Rabbi Leibel Newman – Bais Rivkah

Rabbi Yosef Simpson – Tomchei T’mimim Crown Heights

Rabbi Levi Plotkin – Bais Chaya Mushka

Rabbi Yaakov Sebbag – Tomchei T’mimim Ocean Parkway

P.S.   For more information on internet safety and filters please contact TAG.ORG  or call  718-225-5824

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