Preparation for Tzeirei HaShluchim Winter Camp Underway

The Tzeirei HaShluchim West Coast Winter Boys Camp is in the midst of preparing another fun-packed camp program of chayus, chassidishkeit and excitement.

Created “for Shluchim, by Shluchim” by Rabbi Zalmy Kudan and Rabbi Mendel Loschak, what started out as a camp for 35 young Shluchim in the Chabad House of S. Barbara has since moved to a beautiful campgrounds in the hills of Glendale, CA and welcomes more than 200 Yaldei Hashluchim each year.

The camp serves Yaldei Hashluchim who live outside of established Jewish communities and don’t get to experience year-round what many other Jewish children take for granted. As the importance and need for the camp grew, California shluchim Rabbi Simcha Backman of Glendale, Rabbi Nachman Abend of North Hollywood, and Rabbi Shlomo Bistritsky of North Ranch took it upon themselves to expand the week-long program to a full overnight camp experience, providing 8 days packed with fun and chassidishkeit for Yaldei Hashluchim.

Now, with this unique camp, the Yaldei Hashluchim on the West Coast get to enjoy davening and learning together, trips, farbrengens, competitions, sports games, a rope course, shlichus pride, and lots of fun!

Boys’ camp dates are Monday, Kislev 18 (December 16) through Monday, Kislev 25 (December 23)

Girls’ Camp dates are Monday, Kislev 25 (December 23) through Monday, Teves 2 (December 30) 

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The camp works in partnership with MyShliach from Merkos 302 

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