Post Seminary Program in Crown Heights

Michlelet Chana Chabad Academy pairs a higher education in Torah studies with shlichus and vocational training. 


Many girls find themselves struggling with what to do after seminary is over. Coming from a year filled with intense learning and warmth, it’s hard to transition and decide what’s best for you continuing forward, especially in this vulnerable time before marriage. Between wanting to live in the Rebbe’s Schuna, work, train for a career, and still learn and grow in Chassidishkeit, it’s no easy decision. What about budgeting? Marriage classes? Teaching or Leadership training?

Post sem young women should still be in a Chassidishe structure which promotes self-growth and learning, even “out of the system”. No need anymore to leave the Chabad world and educational values to pursue higher learning and career training. Young ladies and post-seminary girls now have the opportunity to do just that- professionally train for a vocation (Graphic Design, culinary Art, sheitels, Makeup Artist) while studying a strong Judaic curriculum that includes Chassidus (Tanya, Maamorim, Sichos), Bayis Yehudi, Communication in Marriage, Chinuch, Teaching Kriah, Hands-on Halacha, Leadership training and more at the Michlelet Chana Academy.

5780 marks Michlelet Chana Academy’s third year, headed by Mrs. Rivka Holzman. The teachers at MCA are rabbonim and lecturers well known in crown heights. There are 3 tracks of classes, morning, evening and Sunday classes. Students are accommodated according to their personal work schedule and choose which tracks to take, to be full-time or part-time students. Student visas are offered to full-time students from out of the country. Full-time students are also eligible to attend an hour of pilates and weightlifting class twice a week and live in our apartments for the year at a low cost.

Vocational training is a certificate program that can go with you anywhere. Each course is taught by professionals in that field, all vocational training courses are taught by frum, female teachers. Classes are once a week in the evenings. Lessons are designed to be hands-on to gain experience in the profession. Students are taught step by step how to start their own freelance business, create a portfolio collection, and about client interaction. Jobs are offered to students by the instructors at the end of the course.

VT Courses: Sheitel and Hair Course- learn how to cut, style and dye wigs professionally. Certified by Yaffa wigs.

Graphic Design – Learn design theory and a strong foundation in all areas needed for print design as well as basic web design. Ability to create entire projects, from conception to print. Proficiency in creating flyers, posters, booklets, web banners, invitations, logos, and more with excelling graphic designer Esty Raskin.

Make-up Artistry – professional makeup course with Ilana Harkavi, founder of Il Makiage cosmetics.

Culinary Art- The art of cooking wholesome foods from shabbos meals to exquisite cuisine, as well as skills in the kitchen. This course covers appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, side dishes, breads and desserts, including cake decorating.

MCA is in a convenient location in the heart of Crown Heights, on Crown St. and Albany Av. Breakfast and lunch is served every day, and a once-a-month Friday night meal-in is hosted with everyone together. Farbrengens, events for Chassidishe Yomim Tovim, guidance with Shidduchim and Shabatons are all part of the Michlelet Chana experience.

Together, we are creating a community of young women joining to develop themselves and pursue their talents in a warm, Chassidishe environment, with attention to detail and enveloping concern for every individual.

Registration is now open for Fall Semester 5780, space is limited.

For more information visit Director: Mrs. Rivka Holzman 718-735-4044 or email [email protected] 

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