Portland Jewish Day School Gets Mayor’s Praise

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler recently toured Maimonides Jewish Day School, meeting with the faculty, staff, and administration. He applauded them for their vision in education.

Maimonides Jewish Day School is the first private Jewish school in the Pacific Northwest to achieve dual Judaic and General studies accreditation. Our kids know their stuff, and they treat their knowledge and their peers with kindness and respect.

But don’t take our word for it. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler recently toured our school, met our faculty, staff, and administration, and spent a lot of time with our students, in their classrooms and on the playground.

“I really appreciate the focus on values, and on being nice to each other, and treating other people with respect,” Mayor Wheeler observed.

After viewing a lesson about humorous poems called limericks, Mayor Wheeler was moved to say, “In a world where the values you teach of kindness, courtesy, and respect are so lacking, it’s really important we start with the kids, and I appreciate your focus here. You’re doing such a great job. You have a lot to be proud of.

At the end of Mayor Wheeler’s visit, he told our students, “Your parents have chosen wisely by having you be here. This is a good investment for your future; this is a good investment for the community.”

Maimonides made a lasting impression on our mayor. You can make a lasting impression on Maimonides by investing in our values, our education, your kids, and their future!

Now is the time to help Maimonides Jewish Day School meet its $108,000 fundraising goal! It’s easy to do and you’ll feel great about doing it. PortlandJewishSchool.com/Match

Jewish education is vital to the strength of the Jewish community! Pour yourself a cup of coffee and support Maimonides Jewish Day School so we can continue to offer learning to any Jewish child regardless of affiliation or financial situation. Please give what you can; together we can ensure a bright future for the Jewish youth of the Pacific Northwest! Thank you.

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