Plotkin Family Says Thank You

From the Inbox: Mrs. Dini Gordon, who just got up from shiva for her father R’ Avrohom Plotkin a”h, thanks the LA community for “sharing our worries, our simcha, our pain.”

A fund has been set up to help the Plotkin family during this difficult time. Click here to donate.

קטנתי מכל החסדים
I am humbled by all the kindness…

Many of you are aware of the emotional roller coaster that our family has been on, these last 11 weeks. You know, because so many of you have hopped on board. You have shared our worries, our simcha, our pain.

When my father was intubated, battling that dreadful virus, you, the community stepped in. I speak specifically to the greater Los Angeles community, but really, our brothers and sisters – fellow Chasidim from across America joined in.

Tehilim was said round the clock- completed thousands of times over. Torah learning, and mitzvos were dedicated to my father’s recovery.

When my brother’s wedding plans needed to be reconfigured, first for Corona, then my father’s illness, then riots, then shiva, the Los Angeles community stepped up to the plate! The wedding was stunning, and was taken over completely by the community. My mother did not worry about a thing!

From sheva brachos through shiva, the food came nonstop! Every single detail was arranged- from cases of paper goods, to cases of drinks, enough of everything to last a month!

I speak on behalf of my entire family when I thank from the bottom of my heart, those who showed up in our time of need. I need to mention a few by name, but I know that many, many people cannot be named. Please consider yourself appreciated.

-Mrs Fradel Bukiet
-The entire extended Raichik family, especially Harav Shimon and his Rebetzin, Levi, Yanky and Rivky, Suri.
-Mr. and Mrs. Marty Weiss
-Dr Zev and Varda Rav-Noy
-Rabbi Mendy Spalter
-Rabbi Mendy Greenbaum
-Mrs Esther Lerner and co

אשרינו מה טוב חלקינו!
It is truly a blessing to be part of this community! (On a smaller scale, the Albany community outdid themselves to take care of my kids!)

May everyone continue to have boundless energy and resources, and ability to utilize their kochos but from now on, only for simchas!

Dini Gordon
On behalf of the Plotkin Family

A fund has been set up to help the Plotkin family during this difficult time. Click here to donate.

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