“Please Don’t Come for Pesach,” Florida Requests

Dozens of Florida rabbis and medical professionals released a letter requesting that visitors refrain from coming to the state this Pesach .

By Anash.org reporter

With the spread of coronavirus, countless Jews around the world have had their Pesach plans turned upside down.

Jewish communities in Florida – a hotspot for Pesach vacationers – are not willing to take the major risks that visitors bring with them. Rabbis and medical professionals have sent out a letter stating that to come for Pesach is “Halachically prohibited and medically irresponsible.”

“The Florida health care system is currently overburdened,” they warned, “and an influx of new patients can lead to deaths.”

Guests would not be accommodated by shuls, Chabad Houses and other establishments, and would have to be in a 14-day quarantine. Yom Tov would have to be spent in their place of residence, with no access to beaches, restaurants, pools or the many other activities that attract visitors.

“In addition to being a chillul Hashem [to come],” the Rabbis stated, “we have a Halachic requirement to keep our communities safe.”

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