Plasma Drive Organizers Thank Community

Organizers of Tuesday’s successful Plasma Testing Drive in Crown Heights thank the hundreds who turned out and the many who contributed to its success.

Tuesday’s Plasma Save-a-Life Drive was BH a great success and an amazing Kiddush Hashem. This event would not have been possible without the help and support of many people. It takes a village to save a life!

Public Hakoros Hatov is due to our Rabbonim, Doctors, Hatzalah Volunteers, Community Leaders, Askanim, Supporters, and many kind people who came out on Tuesday to schlep, set up, register, draw blood, pack up, clean up, ensure social distancing rules were being kept, and cover any other big or small task to make this drive a success.

Thank you Golan Ben-Oni and Roza Hindy Weiss for initiating and developing this drive from beginning to end. Thank you Dr. Rosen and staff at Crown Medical PC and The Gedaliah Society for your support and guidance. Thank you Rabbi Lider and staff at Ahavas Chesed; Rabbi Yehudah Kaszirer, Chaim Lichtenstein, Avrumi Milworm and staff at Lakewood Bikur Cholim. Thank you Chaim Adler and Yaakov Landau from Kamin Health Urgent Care Centers for all your time and guidance that went into the making of this event. Thank you Yossi Friedman and co-Hatzalah members from Crown Heights Hatzalah for all your help and unlimited devotion. Thank you to all the phlebotomists who stood for hours and drew blood. Thank you Berel Hassan from Chai Urgent Care; Chesky Rosenberg from Borough Park Hatzolah; Mendel Karp.

Thank you Oholei Torah for graciously allowing this mitzvah to be held in your ballroom. Thank you Yossi Langsam and Shmeilach Rosenfeld for all your help in making it happen. The sounds of life in Oholei Torah that came alive on Tuesday were a welcoming overture of what’s to come IYH very soon.

Thank you to a few special and generous Crown Heights residents who ensured that the volunteers would be well fed and the event’s expenses would be covered. Thank you Asher Feig of Empire City Labs for donating lab supplies to help lessen the burden. Thank you to the community websites for your help in promoting the event and spreading the word. Thank you Spotlight Design for your last-minute printing help.

Thank you to every volunteer who came and gave of their time to help make every detail of this event a success and Kiddush Hashem that it was. Your devotion and willingness to be part of this mitzvah does not go unnoticed. Thank you for keeping smiles on your faces. They were visible through the masks! And thank you to the hundreds of donors who gave of their time to come and partake in this mitzvah.

Last but not least, a huge thank you goes to Chaim M. Lebovits and his team at the Covid Plasma Initiative Foundation: Abba Swiatyski, Mordy Serle, Dovi Grossman and Henny Shoshana. Thank you for believing in the Crown Heights Community and being a driving force in the fight to save lives.

Tuesday’s Plasma Save-a-Life Drive was held in memory of Rabbi Avraham Aaron Rubashkin OBM and Rabbi Don Yoel Levy OBM.

May it be Hashem’s will to bring an immediate end to this terrible plague and heal all those who need a Refuah Shleimah. May we merit the coming of Moshiach NOW!!!

The Crown Heights Community

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