Pittsburgh University Chabad Remembers Victims at Dinner

Marking the first anniversary of the Tree of Life massacre, Chabad at University of Pittsburgh began its 31st Anniversary Gala Event with a Havdalah ceremony in memory of those who perished in the massacre.

The gala affair honored school chancellor Patrick Gallagher who galvanized the university’s counseling staff beginning on the day of the tragedy to provide services to traumatized students and others at the Chabad center.

Rabbi Shmuel and Sara Weinstein are directors of Chabad House on Campus, together with Pitt undergrad directors Rabbi Shmuli and Chasi Rothstein and JGrads Directors Rabbi Shua and Shoshana Hoexter.

“We never welcome tragedy, but what has come out of this tragedy is a beautiful and heartfelt and growing response of caring and support,” said Sara Weinstein. “We chose the chancellor to honor because he mobilized the administration to come to the aid of the students. They provided counseling on the day of the shootings, for the following week and beyond.”

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