Pioneering Study Program to Learn Entire Likkutei Sichos

Have you ever wanted to study the entire Likkutei Sichos but felt overwhelmed by the task? Now you can join a coordinated and consistent regimen of learning Likutei Sichos every week, and finish the entire Likkutei Sichos in 8 years.

This Yud Shvat – 70 years, in an effort to capture the inspiration of this special milestone, Chassidim worldwide are uniting in a coordinated and consistent regimen of learning Likutei Sichos every week.

Likkutei Sichos is a treasure trove of the Rebbe’s edited sichos, providing us clarity and innovative depth in every element of life. Every aspect of Torah, from the literal “pshuto shel mikra” to the most profound ideas of Chassidus and Kabbalah, are explored, illuminated and brought to bear on our daily routines in the 39 volumes of Likkutei Sichos. They contain the framework with which we can prepare ourselves and the world for the coming of Moshiach.

“Ana Nafshi Kesavis Yehavis”; the Rebbe invested himself, his very essence, into Likkutei Sichos, and learning this precious gift is a fundamental pillar in our Hiskashrus with the Rebbe.

As we mark Shivim Shana – 70 years of the Rebbe’s Nesius, a new era is upon us. The Rebbe taught that the advent of a new era inspires the urgency to invest refreshed and renewed energies toward our goals. We are therefore launching this unprecedented campaign.

The learning schedule will start with 2 sichos per week and gradually grow to 3 per week, thereby completing all 1,227 sichos of Likkutei Sichos in approximately 8 years. There are many ways you can participate; whether by joining a local shiur, downloading a podcast, learning with a chavrusa or alone. Our website will be updated weekly with accessible resources of all kinds, in an effort to support you in your learning. Multilingual audio and video Shiurim, summaries, review tools, discussion forums and many more resources will become available over time.

To sign up for this project, please visit and complete the simple form.

To contribute to this project by preparing resources, giving a Shiur, or in any other way, please contact us at

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