Pioneering Organization Offers Meal Train Following Miscarriage

After giving birth, frum women are fortunate to receive meals and care packages. But what about the ones who, sadly, don’t make it to that point?

One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage. So common, yet painfully secret. A woman experiencing a miscarriage is in need of physical and emotional support, and often does not know where to turn. Additionally, the need to maintain privacy might prevent her from reaching out for help.

“After experiencing a miscarriage just a few months after getting married, I felt extremely down, pained and helpless,” recalls M. “What helped me get up and recover was the help and support that I received from a few friends who knew what I was going through. I received dinners, ice cream, sushi and even a care package all the way from South Africa. It was the support I received that helped me recover and get back to myself.”

“I had two miscarriages,” says L. “And what was sorely lacking was immediate support in the practical sense, and of course for the emotional blues that come with miscarriage.” 

Noticing the growing need for support, ‘With Love’ was launched by Chaviva Tarlow and Shaina Wilmowsky and is dedicated to providing support and comfort to women in Crown Heights who experience miscarriage.

‘With Love’ offers an anonymous meal train for one week following a miscarriage and a list of resources and organizations that provide support for such situations.

Request meals here or contact Chaviva 347 389 4656
Volunteer to cook meals here or contact Shaina 929 326 1523
Deliver meals by contacting Chaviva 347 389 4656

Please donate to this important cause via Paypal [email protected]

For more information, contact Chaviva Tarlow or Shaina Wilmowsky.
For a comprehensive list of resources click here.

‘With Love’ is in collaboration with
Shifra & Puah
Atime Hug
Mothers Of Crown Heights
Seudas Yehudis

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