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If you, like many students who attend Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, were hoping to snag some of those ‘Free Apple Products’, you might be disappointed to learn that shluchim Rabbi Didy and Mrs. Devorah Waks are not giving out free iPhones, iPads, or Macs.

Last week, they took to instagram to clarify their ‘Pre-Rosh Hashanah shenanigans’: “We’re giving apples and honey out btw (by the way),” the message read. Next to the Rosh Hashanah sweet treats sat a shofar and information about Jewish life on campus.

“We found this funny. Some, not so much,” the Waks’s said. Either way, it certainly got people’s attention! Over the coming year, dozens of Jewish students will find their way to Chabad on campus, their new ‘home away from home’.

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