CKids Overnight Camp Begins First Year with a Bang

CKids Gan Israel overnight camp in Florida, headed by Rabbi Levi and Chaya Plotkin, welcomed close to 50 campers for the inaugural year.

CKids Gan Israel overnight camp in Florida, headed by Rabbi Levi and Chaya Plotkin, welcomed close to 50 campers for the inaugural year.

Billed as ‘The Ultimate Jewish Camp Experience,’ the brand new CKids Gan Israel launched a magnificent ten-day camp session for boys from grades four to seven, boasting a wide range of exciting summer activities in a Jewish atmosphere. With an incredible camp program in place and safety protocols in place from the Florida Health Department and applicable CDC guidelines, CKids Gan Israel has already begun delivering a magnificent summer for close to 50 campers.

Director Rabbi Levi Plotkin told that the children are “beyond thrilled” to be in camp.

“Boys keep telling us that they would have loved this camp during a regular year. Now, in middle of COVID-19 and after months of being at home, they appreciate it so much more,” he said.

“We are witnessing the start of something extraordinary,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos and Chairman of Ckids International. “We are only starting in Florida, but we intend to build many camps throughout North America and beyond.”

With the camp’s only goal being giving children an authentic, fun Jewish experience, they offered scholarships to any of the children who couldn’t pay the full price.

“Millions of people around the country are out of work now, and obviously, many can’t afford to pay for a summer camp at the moment,” Rabbi Plotkin said. “That did not stop us from accepting a single child.”

To help cover the costs incurred by the scholarships, the camp is offering the chance to ‘sponsor a child’ and have the merit of a Jewish child spending ten days in a real Yiddishe environment.

“The positive effect the camp will have on these children will last for decades,” Rabbi Plotkin said. “The Rebbe strongly encouraged camps, saying it a powerful tool to connect the children to their Yiddishkeit, in a manner that isn’t possible during the rest of the year.”

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