Paris Shluchim’s Annual Kinus Held Online

Shluchim in Paris, France, gathered online for their annual Kinus Hashluchim which takes place every year on Beis Iyar. Even the annual group photo wasn’t neglected, with an online photo taking the place of the classic.

Every year, the Kinus Hashluchim of Beth Lubavitch of Paris takes place on Beis Iyar, the birthday of the Rebbe Maharash and is also the day the legendary shliach Rabbi Muleh Azimov, a”h, arrived in France.

This year was no exception. Due to the current health situation, the Kinus took place by Zoom. Even the traditional group photo wasn’t missed out, with a virtual group photo taken over zoom.

The central theme of Kinus was: how to reach every Jew, in every situation and every moment. Shluchim discussed how to strengthen Torah study via video and the best way to deliver a Torah lesson through technology.

They also discussed ways to help the elderly in their respective cities.

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