Parents Praise Chitas for Kids Initiative

The Chitas for Kids initiative paired up with Beis Betzalel of California to create a stimulating game with exciting prizes to encourage children to learn Chitas. The response from parents has been incredible. 

There are so many things that occupy the goings on in a family that make communication of really precious things difficult.

While schools endeavor to teach children so many wonderful things, there are so many fundamental things that a child needs to know than they can not receive at school and need their parents to give them.

Rabbi and Mrs. Hecht, who are shluchim and educators par excellence, created the Chitas for Kids program with you in mind. They give children the ability to be proficient in knowledge in so many areas of Torah and chassidus.

From practical Halachos to Inyanei Geula uMoshiach, from Chitas and Rambam To Hayom Yom, from the meaning of davening to timely messages about the chassidic calendar, from basics in chinuch to rich explanations in chassidus, your child will gain so much!

When the quarantining became widespread, Rabbi Moshe and Chanie Levin of Chabad on Pico, Bais Bezalel Chabad, endeavored to promote this incredible initiative to reach children all around the world.

“I always wanted my children to benefit from the wealth of knowledge that Chitas for Kids provided,” Rabbi Levin told “I created this daily Kahoot game to excite children to test their knowledge on what they’ve learned and be able to earn great prizes.”

The response has been incredible. Children all over the world are joining daily, as chitas is being played in twelve countries and counting!

One mother sent a message to organizers saying: “Once again reiterating how AWESOME this is!!! One of the best things that happened in the house over the quarantine here. My 8 year old begging to learn Chitas every day!! All from you!!”

When you have a chance, check this out with your children, join our whatsapp group today to make sure you get the daily Kahoot code so your children can have fun learning more and more!

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