Parents Join Their Children at ULY Ocean Parkway

Parents and grandparents joined the yeshivah students at United Lubavitch Yeshivah Ocean Parkway for events marking the Rebbe’s 70 years of leadership.

It was bonding time at United Lubavitch Yeshivah of Ocean Parkway when fathers and grandfathers joined the yeshivah students in a Melave Malka marking the Rebbe’s 70th of leadership, and the next day mothers and grandmothers joined for an afternoon event.

The fathers’ evening featured the studying of a part of Basi Legani, watched a video of the Rebbe produced by Maor, danced to chassideshe nigunim and listened to a chassidishe stories. Several students were also honored for their efforts in davening and learning.

“In Lubavitch Yeshivah we believe in intentional chinuch,” famed educator Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum, who is the school’s educational director addressed the gathered, “This means that at Lubavitch Yeshivah we believe in every single student, where they need to get to and what the rabbeim, the hanhalah need to do, in collaboration to get that individual talmid to where he needs to get. Boruch Hashem this mosad has learned from the Rebbe’s message and vision.”

Mothers and grandmothers join the creation of a fruit tree made out of various dried fruits and sweets.

At both events, short videos from each class showcasing the student’s resolutions for 70 years, the learning of Basi Legani by heart and the unique educational methods of the yeshivah, were shown.

The events were organized by the United Lubavitch Yeshiva Ocean Parkway PTA.

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