Parent-Child Learning is Not Just for Boys

Parent-child learning is not exclusive to the boys anymore.

It’s the season of short days, cold nights, and avos ubanim. It’s also the season for Imos Ubanos, the exciting mother-daughter study program taking Crown Heights by storm. 

Over 50 mothers and daughters gathered at Khal Chassidim on Tuesday night for the first session of Imos Ubanos’ third season. Pairing off in groups, each mother-daughter duo took prepared study packets on Parshas Lech Lecha. Snack in hand, they settled in for 45 minutes of active learning. Happy English, Yiddish, and Hebrew voices filled the room as the chavrusas delved into a sicha of the Rebbe. Some mothers and daughters brought their own study material and the sounds of Chidon and homework mingled together.

At the end of each class, five prizes are raffled off. Mothers who leave their cell phones in a designated box upon entry are entered into a drawing for breakfast for two at Bunch-O-Bagels. Mrs. Hindy Greisman and her daughter Rivka Dina were Tuesday’s winners.

Imos Ubanos is a program of the Crown Heights Women’s Circle. Since 2010, the Circle has offered a popular weekly shiur and regular special events, shabbatons and lectures for neighborhood women. After many successful years of programming, the Circle decided to expand to the next generation. The learning sessions take place once a month from Tishrei through Pesach with a finale event in the spring for all mothers and girls who attended at least four sessions. A second location, to accommodate the program’s explosive growth, is in the works.

Imos Ubanos is open to all girls between 7-14 in the community and their mother, aunt, friend, or older sister. Sessions are available for sponsorship for $250.

Please visit for more information about this, and the Circle’s other events.

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