Pan Kloli from World Jewry To Be Read at Ohel

A Pan Kloli signed by Jews across the globe will accompany a minyan to the Ohel today, beseeching Hashem for complete refuah and geula.

Today we mark the day of Lag Ba’Omer, the celebratory day of the great sage Rabbi Shimon Ben Yochai, the day he had called “day of my joy.”

The Talmud notes Rabbi Shimon’s words, which he said of himself: “ I can absolve the whole world from judgment ,” as well as the phrase “Rabbi Shimon alone is sufficient to be relied upon in a difficult situation”.

The entire world finds itself now in a “difficult situation”, a state of unmatched urgency, and we all need the power of Rabbi Shimon to “be relied upon” at this time. We are yearning for Rabbi Shimon’s guise to “absolve the whole world from the judgment” in which we are, to take us out of the darkness into great light, take us from judgment to mercy.

Lag Ba’Omer — his day of joy, his ‘Hillulah”, is a time of good will for wonders and redemption.
That is the day we will all unite and we will pray and ask for the miracle to come and bring this terrible plague to a stop!

The following excerpt may be found In the very first book published by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the “Hayom Yom,” in the aphorism corresponding to the day of Lag B’Omer: ” Lag Ba’Omer was one of the Mitteler Rebbe’s particularly noteworthy festivals. He and the Chassidim would go out to the fields that day, and although he did not wash and break bread, he did partake of mashkeh (liquor), which he was not allowed to do for health reasons. Many wonders were seen at that time, most of them involving the blessing of children for childless couples – and all year long people waited for Lag Ba’Omer.”

On this coming Lag B’Omer, a minyan of Jews will visit the Ohel, the sacred resting place of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, with a Pa’n signed by all of us, Jews from all over the world, and they will ask – on our behalf, on behalf of the world – for the plague to come to an end, and that we shall all merit the true and complete redemption, the Geulah that we all long for.

Each and every one of us will take upon themselves a Hachlota Tova, a good resolution, to improve in Ahavas Yisroel, in Achdus Yisroel, love and unity, and in doing so, we shall be worthy to receive the blessings we need, be it in private matters or public ones. That all of us, each and every one of us, will be blessed with children, strong health and parnossah bounteously, and will soon merit the fullfilment of the promise in the true and complete Geulah, through Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

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