Over 250 Bochurim Pass Hanachos First Week

Names of the 250 Bochurim who successfully passed the first week of Vaad Hatmimim’s Hanachos program have been announced.

Following the outstanding success of last year’s program, Vaad Hatmimim – in conjunction with JEM – has launched Hanachos 5780. This year, 12 yeshivos will be joining the program, doubling the amount of participating yeshivos over last year.

Hanochos,” is a program designed to enable a bochur who hasn’t yet watched a full farbrengen, or any long video of the Rebbe, to be able to focus through the Rebbe’s farbrengen and understand what is being said, all by the end of the five-week program.

The program is divided into two levels:

Level One will start with a 5 minute long video. The videos will increase each week with an additional 5 minutes, culminating the final week with 30 minutes.

The second level will start with a 10 minute long video. Where the videos will increase each week with an additional 7 minutes, culminating the final week with 45 minutes.

Every Sunday and Wednesday at 7 PM (EST), the bochurim will log on to Hanachos.com, and click watch this week’s video. Each one of the Sichos chosen, delve into one fundamental topic in hashkafa, Yiddishkeit and Chassidus.

While watching the video the Bochurim will take down notes and focus on what the Rebbe is saying. Following the viewing, they will type the Hanacha online, based on memory and the notes you have.

Each week there will be a live “Hanacha review” where a different Maniach will review the top Hanachos of that week, and give general tips on how to better write a Hanacha, along with a Question and Answer session.

Each Bochur who receives a passing grade – Shiur Alef – 70%, Shiur Beis and Gimmel 80% – on all 10 Hanachos, will receive an automatic prize. The First Level will receive $50 in Kehos, and for level two, $100 in Kehos.

The three highest-scoring bochurim will each be awarded with over 100 Seforim of Toras Menachem.

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