Over 1,000 Join to Help Build the Newfoundland Mikva

Over 1,000 donors from around the world have joined to help Rabbi Chanan and Tuba Chernitsky build a Mikva in Newfoundland, where the only alternative is the freezing ocean. Help them reach their goal.

For the past three years, Rabbi Chanan and Tuba Chernitsky have served a Jewish community in one of the most outlying and remote areas, S. John’s, Newfoundland. An island off the east coast of Canada.

The provincial Jewish community comprises about 200 households thirsting for Yiddishkeit but with limited previous exposure.

Since moving there, building a Mikva was always their priority but there were unexpected challenges. Flying to Mikva had become the norm. Two and a half hours to Montreal or 3 hours to Toronto, each way. A full day of travel each month.

Unlike the Caribbean, the weather in Newfoundland is cold for most of the year and despite being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean using it as a Mikva isn’t a viable option.

And then, COVID-19 hit.

Flying became complicated, not to mention the risk of contagion and the need to self-quarantine upon arrival.

Now their only option is the freezing ocean.

They are desperate to build a Mikva. COVID-19 has pushed them against the wall to have a Mikva up and running before the winter.

With the Rebbe’s brochos, miraculously the perfect location just became available. But they need to raise $300,000 to make it a reality.

Thanks to over 1,000 donors they are now halfway to make the new Mikva a reality.

Please open your hearts and contribute whatever you can. Every penny
is necessary and together we will make it possible. No doubt you will be blessed with tenfold Brochos for your family and whatever you need.

Please click here to help them build a Mikva.

This campaign is endorsed by the following Shluchim:

Rabbi Yisroel Deren – Stamford, CT
Rabbi Levi Sudak – London, England
Rabbi Yosef Greenberg – Anchorage, AK
Rabbi Ari Drelich – Edmonton, AB
Rabbi Mendel Feldman – Halifax, NS
Rabbi Shmaya Shmotkin – Oak Park, MI
Rabbi Berl Goldman – Gainesville, FL

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