Outdoor Tefilos Lead to Kiddush Hashem

Recent “porch minyonim” in Antwerp and Montreal inspired non-Jewish neighbors who said they will miss the davening when the lockdown is over.

By Anash.org reporter

Since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, Yidden everywhere have looked for ways to keep up davening with a minyan. In many communities, neighbors established “porch minyonim” in which families daven distantly but within sight of each other, which constitute a minyan according to halacha.

Many were concerned about how non-Jewish neighbors would feel about the loud, outdoor davening. It turns out, that when done respectfully, many neighbors actually appreciated it.

One woman in Antwerp posted footage of yom tov davening in nearby balconies and yards, and noted in Dutch, “This is what I’ll miss after the lockdown.”

In Montreal, a neighbor tweeted her appreciation of the minyonim taking place near her home. She was surprised and gratified to receive a letter and a gift of baked goods thanking her for her forbearance while her neighbors davened outside during this time. In another tweet, she expressed her appreciation for the gift and added that “the singing and prayers have already been such a gift!”

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