Online Teaching Tips Now Available in Four Languages

Free tips for teachers, parents and students on how to maximize online learning, are now available in English, Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese. Courtesy of the Nigri Jewish Online School.

With 91% of schools closed due to COVID-19 pandemic, the Nigri International Online School phone has been ringing non-stop.

“Schools from around the world were contacting us for guidance, advice and to see what we can help them with,” Leah Shemtov, the Jewish Online School administrator said.

“Within hours of the shutdown, we created a helpful guide for teachers who are now using distance learning. Through social media and word of mouth, the guide was downloaded hundreds of times in just a few days,” Mushkie Lipsker, the JOS curriculum coordinator said.

“We started getting requests for the guide in other languages and with the help of our amazing teachers from many different countries, we were able to effectively translate the guide into multiple languages within 36 hours, to benefit as many people as possible!”

Click here to access the guide in English, Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese.

Spanish and Portuguese translations by Chaya Forma, Peshy Raitport and Hana Poliwada.
Hebrew guide by Chavi Kastel and the Bet Sefer Net team.
Additional thanks to Noa Truxton for contributing to and editing the guide. 

The Jewish Online School is accepting short term registrations due to coronavirus.
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