Online Smicha To Open More Classes

Over the last decade, hundreds of talmidim had received their Smicha through led by Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm. Now, Online Smicha will open 3 new classes for Bochurim and working men.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is taking over the world and affecting the regular learning schedule of Yeshivas, schools, and seminaries, we are all experiencing the live classes that todays technology offers. For some, this experience is not new. Over the last decade, hundreds of talmidim had received their Smicha through the program, led by Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm.

Now, Online Smicha will open 3 new classes in the next few weeks

The program has attracted people from so many different backgrounds to join together in this goal. It brought together Anash, Shluchim, doctors and professionals from all over the world to learn together, challenge each other and become one big family of Torah learners.

All new classes will begin within the next month, and will include 2 classes for working people and an adjusted schedule, one with a morning class (starting with Hilchos Taaruvos), and another with an evening schedule (starting Hilchos Bossor B’Cholov). These 2 will be accompanied by a class for Bochurim.

“I have found the program to be of the highest quality.” Writes Dr. Elliot Grossman, “the live shiurim are interactive, with the opportunity to ask questions and give comments.  They are presented clearly and there are many prerecorded shiurim on many related, and even unrelated, topics.  The whiteboard charts are extremely helpful in mastering the Halachos”.

Following the success of the past, Online Smicha will continue to offer the talmidim a live interactive class, alongside a chat and a whiteboard that helps visualize different concepts and summarize the difference of opinions. It will also offer:

1. Recordings of all classes
2. Recordings of topic classes – short classes that will clarify and explain different concepts from the Shulchan Aruch and Meforshim.
3. Multiple choice questions tests that will help you remember all details and opinions.
4. Interactive chats between class members and the rabbi, enabling discussions and/or quick explanations when needed.
5. Charts and summaries.

All of the content is easily accessible on the special students portal.
For more information or to apply, visit or contact [email protected]

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