Online Search Leads to Revival of Nine-Year Old Project

A special curriculum for children to learn about Moshiach had been out of circulation for many years. An online search brought it to light and now it is being offered to children worldwide, with exciting prizes.

This sefiras haomer, join children from all over the world, learning about Moshiach and playing the fun and beautiful games and lessons of the a special Moshiach kids curriculum.

The special program is being arranged by Mrs. Tiferes Cahnman, head of ‘The Children’s Geula Gathering’, a project with the goal of bringin Moshiach study to children worldwide.

For the past two years, their Purim campaign gathered over 22,000 children from hundreds of schools worldwide to gather with Torah, Tefilah, and Tzedaka with the focus on bringing the geula just like the 22,000 children did in the time of Mordechai Hatzadik. There were participating schools from across the spectrum and world including Litvish, Chasidish, Chabad, Sefardic, Modern Orthodox, etc from 12 different countries.

The CGG say that they “are grateful” to have inspired hundreds of schools to have made a Children’s Geula Gathering this Purim campaign, which turns out was the last school gathering for most schools right before the sudden national school closure.

After the success of the Purim program, Mrs. Cahnman was searching for more Moshiach programming for kids to inspire more learning. She was excited to find the M22 curriculum, created by Merkos 302, online after a Google search.

However, the curriculum had been out of circulation for around 9 years. The CGG is now excited to share and recirculate this beautiful curriculum with the gracious permission from Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. This special curriculum makes it easy for kids to get excited to learn about Moshaich, thus making it reality.

All participants who complete all or most of the 22 lessons/games of the curriculum before June 7th (a week after Shavous) will enter into raffles to win a Rebbe dollar, a Rebbe coin, or a drone!

Receive double tickets in the raffle by expanding each lesson into a full “Children’s Geula Gathering” by adding in Torah with reciting Torah pesukim, Tefilah, and Tzedaka.

More Moshaich resources such as music, games, and projects, etc will be provided for those who sign up.

The lessons and games of the M22 are written in a way that kids of any educational level or background can enjoy and benefit from.

The curriculum is adaptable to any age, although most ideal for ages 7-10.

We are certain that this effort will help bring Moshiach closer and faster, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe tells us that the most direct way to bring Moshiach is by learning about it!

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(The download is available at the end of the sign-up form.)

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