Oholei Torah Prints Community Calendar

For the benefit of the Crown Heights community, Oholei Torah has made its new 5780 Community Calendars available free of charge at local neighborhood stores.

Since its inception 17 years ago, the calendar’s unique large format and appealing style have made it the calendar of choice for Jewish households in Crown Heights and beyond. The calendar includes Yomim Tovim, various Z’manim, Chassidishe dates, as well as the school schedule.

NEW THIS YEAR: A map of Crown Heights restaurants and eateries is included in the centerfold of each calendar, for everyone to enjoy.

You can pick up your complimentary calendar at local stores and the school’s main office, as well as at several of our sponsors: Borsalino Hats, Sushi Spot, Boytique, Tzfasman Jewelers, Prestige Embroidery, and Dr. Abie Gottesman’s office. Parents can also pick up their calendars at the upcoming open house evenings in the school.

As a new service this year, you can request a calendar to be sent to you, by sending an email to [email protected].

We thank all our sponsors, as follows, for helping provide a beautiful calendar to the community:

Borsalino, Sushi Spot, Woodwiz Carpentry & Home Repairs, Royal Lighting, Boytique, Prestige Embroidery, Dr. Abie Gottesman, Tzfasman Jewelers, Crown Wood Working, Dr. Susan Schneidermesser, Essel Eyewear, ENY Auto Leasing, MG Infocus, and Music by Mendel Deutsch.

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