Oholei Torah Launches Pirkei Avos Initiative

With the custom of learning Pirkei Avos every Shabbos between Pesach and Sukkos just beginning, Oholei Torah Elementary School has launched a new and exciting Mivtza encouraging students to get a better grasp of the Mishnayos.

The Mivtza is geared towards the boys from third grade through eighth grade. Weekly quotas are set, consisting of Mishnayos and Maamarei Chazal, to be learnt by heart.

Lower grades receive smaller quotas of Mishnayos to learn, all the way up to the eighth grade students, who must learn the entire Perek of Mishnayos, together with the pirush of the Rabeinu Avodya Bartenura.

Tests are administered on a weekly basis, with all participants receiving a passing mark of 80% or higher being entered into an exclusive raffle, just for that week.

Students who score an average of 80% and above on tests throughout the Mivtza earn themselves a very special Sefer to take home. The top two students with the highest mark in each grade are entered into a game-show style “Chidon”, where their knowledge is put to the test in front of all their classmates. In every grade, the runner-ups to the final also receive a full set of Seforim!

In the first few days alone, more than 80 boys had signed up for the Mivtza, with the organisers anticipating at least another 60 boys to join in the coming days.

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