Oholei Torah Hosts Father and Son Learning

A morning spent bonding over davening, learning and activities left fathers and sons feeling energized and uplifted.

On Sunday, Oholei Torah invited the fathers of the eighth grade students for a morning of learning and bonding with their sons. The day began with Chassidus and davening, followed by a hearty breakfast, chavrusa learning, and time spent bonding over activities in the gym.

“It was such an incredible atmosphere,” said Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, Principal of eighth grade, “that there were fathers who asked if we could do this once a month! It was simply uplifting for the fathers to be in daled amos of their sons’ yeshiva.”

During the breakfast, the boys who go on mivtzoim every Friday received recognition. In addition, the rewards were distributed to those who memorized gemara ba’al peh l’kavod Yud Alef Nissan.

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