Oholei Torah: 64 years, 64 faces

In honor of the 64th anniversary of Oholei Torah’s founding, a gallery of 64 pictures from throughout the years has been released. Do you recognize any of the faces?

In honor of the 19th of Teves, the day Oholei Torah was founded, they are pleased to present an array of 64 pictures from over the years of the mossad.

It is most noteworthy to mention, Oholei Torah was the very first Mossad Chinuch founded by the Rebbe in 1957-5717 and today is recognized the world over as a leading mossad chinuch, with a major part of its alumni serving as shluchim around the world.

If you recognize any of the faces – please WhatsApp the picture and names to the alumni office. click here to send

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