Now is the Time to Help The Crown Heights Chevra Kadisha

A fundraiser has been set up to help members of the Crown Heights Chevra Kadisha who are on the front lines of caring for the burials in our community during these times of crisis.

Almost every day of the last few weeks,  we hear  new terrible news about more people that have passed away. 

We say “BD”E,” “Ad Mosai” and “please send Moshiach.”

At that same time 7-8 chevra kadisa members go pick up the deceased do the tahara, drive the streets of CH so people can participate in the Levaya, and then they go to the Beis Hacayim with very little crowd, if any at all, and do all the work there as well.

And when they’re done, they do it again and again, sometimes 5 times a day, while their wives and children are terrified that their husband and totty has been putting himself in danger.

Please show appreciation for their dangerous sacrifice. In normal times many people would have spent thousands of dollars to be at a funeral and be Menachem Avel, send some of that money to the front line chevra kadisha members now before Yomtov.

Click here and donate now.

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