North Crown Heights Held Multiple Menorah Lightings

For the fifth year, The Lincoln Place Shul and Beis Hamedrash partnered with local residents and businesses to increase the Pirsumei Nisa in North Crown Heights. In total, hundreds of men women and children from all parts of Crown Heights were thrilled to come daily to attend one of the 6 Public Menorah Lightings that took place North of Eastern Parkway.

Besides the valuables prizes and the donuts given away daily, parents and kids enjoyed Chanukah activities as Art Exposition by Leviim Art – Moshe Frank, Canvas paintings at the Lincoln Place Shul, story by renowned storyteller Shmuly Zamanov at the Nejar Family lighting.

These 6 amazing events couldn’t have been possible without the help and devotion of partners:

Moshe Frank and the Leviim Art Galery, the Kamhaji Family, the Nejar Family, the Perlstein Family, Levi Harel, and Chocolatte Coffee Shop.

Special thanks to Moshe Friedman, Yitzchok YarmushYisroel Goldstein, Mendy Kulsky and Mendel Rosenfeld for their precious help for the Hadlokos.

The Lincoln Place Shul is a vibrant shul located in the north of Crown Heights, lead by Rabbi Meyer Shushan, with programs and activities all year round for Men Women and Children.

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