No More Hesitation at the Shabbos Table

Give your child the gift of success and confidence to speak Torah at the Shabbos table with ‘Divrei Torah for Children.’ Following the release of his popular first book, Rabbi Yekusiel Goldstein is back with volume two, encouraging thousands of children to have their voices heard at the Shabbos table.

Geared for children of all ages, the book is a carefully selected collection of 63 Divrei Torah on the parsha and Yom Tov, based on the Rebbe’s sichos and explained in a child-friendly style. Each Dvar Torah follows the clear format of a concise question, answer and practical lesson in day to day life. In addition, charming illustrations are scattered throughout, forming a most appealing sefer. 

When learning from ‘Divrei Torah for Children,’ your child will not only be able to give over a Dvar Torah; he or she will understand and relate to what is being delivered, and will look forward to the next opportunity.

Available online now; in bookstores early next week.

Offered at a special introductory price in Crown Heights bookstores, valid through Tishrei 5780. For bulk orders and wholesale prices please email [email protected].

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