Nissi’s Miracle Story to be Published

Nissi Estrin’s miracle story has been told at over 100 Chabad Houses, Shabbatons, schools and camps. Now, his parents Rabbi Elie and Chaya Estrin are sharing the story in book form to help people understand the Rebbe’s approach to healing.

Have you heard of little Nissi Estrin? You are probably one of the thousands of people who said Tehillim for him a few years ago. He’s now an incredibly happy 4 and a half-year-old boy with an infectious smile. His love for life and energetic personality belies the fact that due to complex cardiac disease and GI defects, he wasn’t expected to live at all. 

His story has been told at over 100 Chabad Houses, Shabbatons, schools and camps, inspiring many to plead with his parents to write the story down for posterity in book form. Nissi’s parents, Chabad Shluchim in Miami, finally have done so, but wanted it to be something more than just another personal memoir. “The miracle story is one thing, and very important, but we wanted people to walk away from it with understanding the Rebbe’s approach to healing,”

Rabbi Elie Estrin says. “After all, it was based on the Rebbe’s approach that we got through the entire experience. I can say without reservation or exaggeration: Chassidus and Halacha saved us.”

Based on that, the book has two sections: The first section, the majority of the book, is the story of the Estrins’ personal journey with little Nissi: his diagnosis in utero with untreatable complex cardiac disease and major GI anatomical issues and of his miraculous birth, their fight to get him medical care, and then his medical journey over the next four years. It’s a story of the beauty and the ugly in hospitals; of patient advocacy; of the love of parents and their baby and the rest of their family; and of optimism, positivity and trust in G-d, despite dark moments, and of the direction that Torah gives us in the most difficult circumstances. 

The second section of the book speaks first to medical professionals, then to families going through medical crises, and finally to friends of those in medical crisis; providing them with the Estrins’ perspective as parents, the Jewish mindsets they believe got them through their son’s multiple near-death experiences and their guidance to these people borne of experience. 

The manuscript has been getting rave reviews from those privileged to see it. Rabbi Yosef Friedman, Chief Editor of Kehos, commented about it, “Very compelling and bravely written. I could not put it down.”

You can help bring this incredible story to print by joining the Kickstarter campaign to get it published. Sponsorships and dedications are available. Click here for more information:  

The complete book, with the working title “Of Medicine, Miracles and Mindsets,” is to be published by Mosaica Press, and is due to hit bookstores everywhere within a year.

To watch Rabbi Estrin tell elements of the story, click here:

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