Nine Hundred Women for Ninety Years

By reporter

To help follow the Rebbe’s directive to annually review the halachos of taharas hamishpacha, has released a unique slideshow series, aiming for 900 women to use it as a review by Yud Daled Kislev 5780. 

The series of seven slideshows, authored by Mrs. Rivky Bukiet and edited by Mrs. Chaya Klein, presents both halacha and hashkafa in a clear, concise and beautiful manner. The review is intended to be supplemental to a group study setting and to facilitate follow-up at home. 

The Rebbe frequently emphasized the special brachos and mazal bestowed upon a couple that performs this mitzvah b’hiddur, specifically healthy harmonious marriages, and many healthy children. Now, has made it easier than ever to review the halachos, hopefully leading to enhanced observance of taharas hamishpacha in Jewish homes around the world.

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