New York Guest Addresses Sydney Chidon Ceremony

The pride and enthusiasm was overflowing when students in Yeshiva College Cheder Chabad Sydney had a special Chidon award Ceremony that was scheduled to take place in pre-coronavirus N.Y.

Chidon will beat coronavirus any day

The pride and enthusiasm was overflowing when students in Yeshiva College – Cheder Chabad Sydney had a special Tzivos Hashem – Chidon award Ceremony – that was scheduled to take place in pre-coronavirus N.Y.

The program began with the Girls ‘Teaching’ their parent’s parts of their Yahadus books – followed by presentations to the 10 girls – this represents every girl in the eligible age, a very momentous achievement.

Rabbi Bentzi Deray base commander  and organizer of the event – was beaming with pride to see every eligible student included by  a Certificate with a grade  over 65% , plaque over 70%, and 3 students earning  medals over 90&.

The girls took all 3 qualifying tests and got over 70% they then took the Final test on the entire book and all qualified for the Chidon Shabbaton.

Chana Benhamou – Plaque
Mussia Slavin – Plaque
Mushka Shuchat – Plaque
Sara Benhamou – Plaque
Chana Moss – Plaque
Bayla Gourarie – Certificate
Rochel Raizel Feldman – Plaque and Medal
Henya Schapiro – Plaque and Medal
Rochel Feldman – Plaque and Medal
Chaya Levy – Plaque and Medal

To add the festivities Rabbi Dovid Slavin announces that Mr. Duncan Kendall who has recently joined the College as acting Principal was being appointed Principal.

Mr. Kendall told the assembly that it was the enthusiasm for Chidon that drew him to want to work in this  wonderful school

The program was headlined by A video of the Rebbe talking about 12 Tamuz – while on the screen graphics displayed to help the children better relate to the Sicha

A surprise congratulatory video personalized to evry child from Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum was Screened drawing big applause, Rabbi Shimmy asked the girls to encourage girls from other schools to join the Chidon

Special mention was made of Shaina Slavin and Chaya Feldman who first exited the students to join  the Chidon  – guided by the dedicated leadership of Morah Shaina Feldman.

After the formal presentations everybody enjoyed a buffet breakfast sponsored by Our Big Kitchen the event was set up and coordinated by a team of volunteers led my Mrs Laya Slavin

To everybody attending the event, it was clear that Chidon will beat coronavirus any day – especially if the day is Erev Yud Bais Tamuz

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