New Website to Track Preparations Activities

As we get closer to seventy years of the Rebbe’s leadership, a global campaign is uniting chabad communities around the world to mark the day with personal, powerful action. A new website has been launched to track shuls and community activities around the world in an unprecedented way. 

With the advent of the World Wide Web and its promise to make the world smaller and bring people together, the Rebbe saw the awesome potential of harnessing it correctly and using it as a vehicle for adding good and positivity in the entire universe.

On Yud Shevat this year we will mark the 70th year of the Rebbe’s leadership.

To properly prepare for this auspicious occasion, a first-of-its-kind initiative is underway which truly embraces the Rebbe’s dream and vision of channeling the unparalleled powers of technology to fill the world with the knowledge of Hashem, like never before.

This comes in the form of a brand new website, the first of its kind, that will track, unite and connect hundreds of communities, thousands of hours of learning, tens of thousands Yidden and embrace the power of each individual.

Close to 100 communities have already joined from across the globe, and the momentum is building, each and every day more are joining. As soon as log on to you will immediately feel like a part of something much bigger, as did Mr. Shlomo Feldman of New Jersey:

“I was looking forward to prepare for Yud Shevat in our community, but when I went on to the website and realized I was being united with literally the whole world. I felt like I was connected to so many other Jews simply because we were coming together to learn and do another Mitzvah.”

The website is designed to track progress in two areas.

The first is in the added efforts of learning the Rebbe’s Torah. Each community can sign up for their own subpage, create a goal of how much they will learn as a community, in addition to being added to the collective goal. To date, tens of communities have already pledged and arranged learning sessions, gatherings, events and classes.

The second is in outreach. The goal is for 70,000 yidden to be reached and encouraged to take upon themselves an additional mitzvah such as lighting Shabbos candles and putting on Tefillin. Children are encouraged to purchase a letter in the “Children’s Sefer Torah.”

The Website comes along with all the resources needed to make it even easier, like a newly designed Tefillin Card and Shabbos Candle Lighting Card. Children who sign up for a letter in the Torah will receive a Jewish ID card, prepared especially for this campaign. There are also many resources available for the learning of the Rebbe’s teachings in multiple languages.

Get involved today and make your learning and Mitzva have a global impact and bring tremendous nachas to the Rebbe.

Click here to sign up your shul or community.

For individuals that would like to participate in the campaign there is a general community, Click here to add your action. 

For more information and questions reach out to [email protected] or call (248) 773-9185 to find out how your community or circle of friends can celebrate the true unity of Klal Yisroel by being a part of this worldwide effort.

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