New Website Seeks to Keep Memories Alive

A new website created by Lubavitcher chassidim seeks to streamline the process of gathering memories of a relative who has passed on. “This is especially vital now, with no classic nichum aveilim happening,” they told

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They may not be with us, but their memory will live forever.

A new website run by Lubavitcher Chassidim offers bereaved families the chance to gather memories and stories of their relatives who passed away, allowing them to keep their memories alive. was created during the COVID-19 pandemic when the usual shiva and nichum aveilim visits were put to a full stop. Bereaved families, who usually had the chance to spend the week of shiva hearing from friends and acquaintances about their loved one, are now spending the week alone, relying on phone calls and emails to take the place of visits.

“There are so many beautiful stories about each person who passed away,” the founders told, “and we don’t want them to get lost with time.”

The website is user friendly, allowing families to easily set up and manage a memorial page. Each page is exclusively controlled by the family, and they approve every story or memory before it is published online. If families so desire, they can make certain stories private and only share it with relatives or close family. Families also have the option to keep the entire page private, with viewing only granted to those they choose.

For now the website only contains written memories, but the creators shared with that they hope to upgrade the website to include audio and video as well.

Other amenities offered by the website include an option to divide Mishnayos online and links to fundraisers created to support the surviving relatives.

The Mishnayos division option also gives the family the choice to remind the participants of the Masechta they chose by email, in time for them to finish it by the shloshim.

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