New Siddur Curriculum To Revamp Davening for JNet Chavrusahs

JNet and JLI partner to create an innovative and thought-provoking curriculum about Jewish prayer geared toward Chavrusah study.

In a remarkable stride forward for the global Jewish community, the Jewish Learning Network at Merkos 302 (JNet) partnered with JLI to introduce a groundbreaking Davening Curriculum tailored exclusively for JNet Chavrusahs. This transformative initiative seeks to elevate the davening experience of participants by providing a comprehensive study program focused on the meaningful and heartfelt practice of Jewish prayer. As part of Yudi’s Legacy Project, the curriculum is dedicated in memory of JNet’s former director, Rabbi Yehuda Dukes of blessed memory, who tirelessly worked to expand the network. The Siddur Unpacked curriculum represents a profound step towards actualizing his vision.

“Davening transcends mere ritualistic recitation; it is a personal connection with our Creator. By delving into the deeper meanings and purposes of prayer, we can help individuals infuse their lives and Jewish practice with renewed enthusiasm and authenticity,” asserted Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and driving force behind JNet.

The collaboration between JNet and the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) has given birth to an unprecedented opportunity to provide valuable resources to Jewish individuals worldwide. “By joining forces with JLI, we can now offer our partners an innovative curriculum that will elevate their davening experience and help them forge a stronger bond with Hashem,” said Rabbi Mendel Groner, director of JNet.

“The Siddur Unpacked,” written by Rabbi Berel Polityko, was meticulously developed in conjunction with the curriculum team at JLI led by Rabbi Mordechai Dinerman. Rabbi Polityko expressed his unwavering conviction, “I am confident that every Jew stands to benefit from this course. Whether approaching davening for the first time or with decades of daily practice, The Siddur Unpacked guides students through the practical aspects of davening, encompassing laws, customs, and rituals. Furthermore, it delves into the profound ‘whys’ and ‘hows,’ unraveling the background and significance of each facet of davening.”

Rabbi Dinerman emphasized the course’s broader context, remarking, “By situating davening within its broader context, this course serves as a compass, guiding participants through the practical aspects while drawing upon classic sources such as Halacha, Kabbalah, and Chassidus, unveiling the deep meaning embedded within davening.”

Reflecting on this significant endeavor, Rabbi Efraim Mintz, Director of JLI, expressed pride in collaborating with JNet, stating, “Through the creation of The Siddur Unpacked, we aim to empower JNet study partners, shluchim, and educators by providing a powerful resource for those embarking on their davening journey.”

Immerse yourself in the enlightening journey offered by The Siddur Unpacked as it unravels the multifaceted components of the Siddur. From exploring the structure and significance of prayers to understanding their historical context, this comprehensive curriculum invites participants to embrace a profound understanding of the purpose and potency of Davening in their lives. Complete with source texts and practical guidance on daily prayer; this transformative course sets the stage for a new era of davening.

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