New Shluchim Will Expand Winnipeg Chabad Activities

New programs for Israelis and Hebrew speakers will now be included in Chabad of Winnipeg’s activities, with the arrival of new shluchim Rabbi Mendel and Dvora Altein.

By reporter

New shluchim will be moving to Winnipeg, Canada to expand the Chabad house’s activities to include programs for Israelis and Hebrew speakers.

The new shluchim, Rabbi Mendel and Dvora Altein will also open, B’ezras Hashem, an after-school program geared to the Hebrew speaking families.

In recent years there are many such families that have moved to Winnipeg, and many have expressed interest in expanded Jewish interaction, or have been searching for authentic Jewish programs in the language they are accustomed to.

The Alteins will be joining the existing shluchim Rabbi Avraham and Bracha Altein, Rabbi Boruch and Chana Heidingsfeld, Rabbi Shmuel and Adina Altein, and Rabbi Yitzchok Yaacov Charytan, who run the Chabad House, youth and adult programs.

To take part in the new shlichus, donations can be made via PayPal at: 

It is also possible to donate via Zelle or Cashapp to [email protected].

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