New Shluchim to Erie, Pennsylvania

Rabbi Dovie and Mushkie Kivman will dive in to the lake-side city in the near future and provide services for its community, campuses and many tourists.

By reporter

Erie, Pennsylvania, will soon be home to a new family of shluchim, b’ezras Hashem.

Rabbi Dovie and Mushkie (nee Weese) Kivman will be moving to Erie in the near future to open and establish a new Chabad house, to uplift and strengthen Jewish life. The new shlichus was announced and encouraged by Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld, head Shliach to Western Pennsylvania.

Right off of Lake Erie, the city of Erie was an industrial powerhouse back in its prime days. Although most of those industries have moved on, the sizable Jewish community of Erie is still present. With a handful of college campuses, including a branch of Penn State University, and with discussions now of opening a brand-new community college – there will be lots of work to do. Erie is also home to the famous Presque Isle State Park, which attracts millions of tourists every year. 

The new shluchim hope to bring Torah-true Yiddishkeit to a city that hasn’t had a Chabad presence before. Their focus will likely remain on Erie proper, but there is also a great need to reach out to the unaffiliated Jews living throughout the entire Erie County at large. They will make it their business to search for those Yidden to connect them with the joy and warmth of Torah, Mitzvos and Chassidus. All with the goal of “Lehavi L’Yemos HaMoshiach”.

Rabbi and Mrs. Kivman feel blessed and humbled by this new life mission. But more importantly, they would like to give you the tremendous zechus of bringing real Yiddishkeit to Erie County. Please consider participating in this important shlichus by giving a significant financial gift. 

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