New Shiur to Learn an Amud Gemara Per Day

A new shiur in Crown Heights to learn an Amud of Gemara every day will launch tonight, given by Rabbi Hershel Lustig.

A new shiur to learn an Amud of Gemara every day will launch tonight in Crown Heights.

“Join a delightful & clear Gemara shiur by a seasoned Mechanech,” organizers say “it is the best way you can spend a half hour.”

The shiur will cover one Amud of Gemara every day, learning two Daf every week.

The shiur will be given by Rabbi Hershel Lustig 
Mondays to Thursdays 7:20 pm
At 580 Crown Street

“לא מתאים ש’בעל הבית’ לא ילמד כל יום גמרא, כמו שלא מתאים להיות לבוש במלבושים לא יפים”
(‘ספר השיחות’ ה’ש”ת עמ’ קמו).

“It is not befitting for a Baal Habayis not to learn daily Gemoroh, just as it is not befitting to be dressed in clothing that are not beautiful” Sefer Hasichos.

To find out more information please WhatsApp 718.600.8211 or email [email protected]

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