New Audio Uncovered of Rebbe’s Davening

Listen: Previously unheard audio of the Rebbe Davening in 5724 has recently been uncovered and restored by Ashreinu app. On it, you can hear the Rebbe pronouncing every word of Davening loudly. 

As the Rebbe led the Davening on Yud Shevat 5724, a tape recorder strategically placed by Rabbi Sholom Yisroel Hodakov recorded the Rebbe’s holy voice for posterity, capturing almost every word of Davening clearly.  

Almost 60 years later, in the process of transferring audio reels in JEM’s archive to produce a restored, clearer version of a Farbrengen with the Rebbe, these 45 minutes of clear, precious audio were discovered. On this rare tape, now available on, one can hear the Rebbe pronouncing every word of Davening loudly. 

Listen to this never before heard audio:

Shacharis, Yud Shevat 5724.

Mincha, Yud Shevat 5724.

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With the unprecedented work of JEM’s Ashreinu team, the library of precious audio of the Rebbe is being rebuilt and renewed. As existing tapes are restored to the greatest possible quality, many new moments are being discovered in the process. Farbrengens previously unheard, or available only in inferior quality from collections copied using primitive technology, are now being made available for all in pristine condition. 

The world’s greatest treasure, the precious audio tapes of the Rebbe’s Farbrengens, is being restored to the quality it deserves. The entire audio collection is online for everyone to enjoy, on, a purpose-built, user-friendly platform.  

You can take part in this historic initiative by partnering in Ashreinu’s campaign to restore all the Farbrengens from the Yuds and Chofs. We are almost at our goal, join NOW at 

As we search through existing archives and restore audio tapes, the Ashreinu team is constantly on the lookout for new reels not yet in our collection. If you are in possession of any reels containing audio of the Rebbe, please email [email protected] to have it remastered, restored and published for the benefit of all.

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