New Book Discusses Life and Thought of Rebbe Rashab

The newest volume of Heichal HaBesht is dedicated to 100 years since the Rebbe Rashab’s passing, with over 300 of its 550 pages dedicated to his life, work and leadership.

Heichal HaBesht vol. 40 can be purchased at Seforim Deals. Free delivery in Crown Heights on orders over $49.

The Heichel HaBesht journal has long been considered an indispensable publication among thinkers of Chabad Chassidus, but the latest issue sets the bar at a whole new level. This month, in celebration of its 40th issue, the publication is marking the occasion with a hardcover tome of some 550 pages of masterful work and original material.

The new Sefer touches on almost every area of Chasidic thought and life, yet the main feature consists of over 300 pages dedicated to the Rebbe Rashab. In great depth, it delves into his saintly life, groundbreaking work and momentous leadership—to mark 100 years since his histalkus on Beis Nissan 5680 – 5780.

Without attempting to review the entire issue here, readers can be assured to find a trove of fascinating articles and original insights focused on different aspects of the Rebbe Rashab. Suffice it to say that readers are bound to gain new and penetrating insight into his eternal legacy.

The primary focus is of course on the Rebbe Rashab’s Torah: It is no secret in Chabad that the Rashab revolutionized Chassidus with his famous “Hemshechim” (series of discourses delivered over an extended period of time). This issue takes a fresh and systemic look at the Rebbe’s works, highlighting the two main facets of his Torah: While his approach was in many ways novel, it still retained a real sense of continuity. The Rebbe Rashab’s hallmark style left an indelible imprint that refocused Toras Chabad forever.

The Sefer also goes to great lengths to bring to light the Rebbe Rashab’s different leadership roles. Told through the lens of rare documents, it discusses the founding of Tomchei Tmimim, the crowning achievement of the Rebbe Rashab’s life work, and goes on to shine a light on his great quest to promote Chassidus as a vital tool in Avodas Hashem during a turbulent era in Jewish history.

In addition to the above, the landmark Sefer boasts many more fascinating pieces, including an exploration into the lives of different personalities around the Rebbe Rashab, providing a wide-lens view into an historic period of Chabad’s storied past.

The Sefer presents numerous perspectives and insights into the towering figure that is the Rebbe Rashab. One hundred years since his Histalkus, the Rebbe Rashab’s sainted legacy is as relevant and fresh as it has ever been.

Available at great Jewish booksellers and at Kehos.

Heichal HaBesht vol. 40 can be purchased at Seforim Deals. Free delivery in Crown Heights on orders over $49.

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