New Project Inspires Women and Girls to Learn Together

A new project circulating on social media is building momentum among Lubavitch girls and women to gather and learn. 

“Let’s Learn Together”, launched by Mrs. Chanie Wolf L’ilui Nishmas her father, Rabbi Yonah Avtzon A”H, aims to make learning Chassidus a priority for women and girls.

The project asks individuals to reach out to their friends or sisters and form learning groups at times convenient to them. All groups will learn the same maamar over six gatherings within the same time frame – the first session running from now until Gimmel Tammuz. Two more maamar sessions will follow b’ezras Hashem – one during the summer months, and another after Tishrei. 

“My father dedicated his life to translating, publishing, and disseminating Chassidus, and specifically the Rebbe’s Torah,” Mrs. Wolf writes. “As Director of Sichos In English for over 40 years, he published hundreds of seforim in English, and was moser nefesh to make them available to as many people as possible for as little cost as possible – even making their contents available online for free. Helping others learn Chassidus was his life. And it continues to be his life.”

Thus, continuing the life-work of Rabbi Avtzon A”H, the project encourages the learning of maamorim translated and explained by Sichos In English in the book Lessons In Sefer Hamaamorim. The first session will focus on the Rebbe’s maamar Lo Sih’yeh Meshakeila. Books are available at a special discounted price for project participants, and there is also an option to download the complete PDF for free from

Groups leaders will prepare together virtually to help maximize learning and inspiration. 

“So many times I have wanted to start some learning but didn’t get around to it…” one enthusiastic participant shared. “Looking forward to being a part of it!” 

Women and girls interested in joining the project can join by clicking here.

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